Ir barbarin
 The Barbarian is a warrior who relies on raw strength, speed and heartiness to triumph. Instead of refining techniques through study and practice, they refine their bodies by constantly pushing their limits. Named after the warriors of tribal cultures like those found in Vaasa, Narfell, Rashemen and the Endless Wastes, most Barbarians live short lives in unyielding, perilous lands.

Gifted with surprising combat reflexes, stamina and pragmatic ruthlessness, their most fearsome talent is the ability to channel their adrenaline and enter a controlled state of superhuman strength and endurance.




  • Barbarian Endurance: This feat gives the barbarian a 10% bonus to movement.
  • Barbarian Rage: The barbarian may rage, doubling their Damage Reduction feat bonus, gaining a +4 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution and +2 to all Will saving throws, in exchange for a -2 penalty to Armor Class. The barbarian may use this ability once per day per rank. It lasts 1 round per point of Constitution (including the CON increase from Rage itself).
  • Uncanny Dodge: The character retains his Dex bonus to AC, even if caught flat-footed or attacked by a hidden or invisible creature. The character also gains a +1 saving throw bonus vs traps for each rank after the first.
  • Damage Reduction: This feat allows the barbarian to shrug off one point of damage from each attack that causes them damage. This increases to 2/- at level 6 and is doubled while the barbarian rages.

Bonus feat list:

  • Great Rage (STR 15+) - The Rage bonus is increased by a further +2 STR, +2 CON and +1 Will.
  • Extended Rage - The Rage lasts an additional 5 rounds.
  • Blind Rage (CON 15+) - The barbarian is immune to spells below level 3 for the duration of the Rage.
  • Wild Rage (DEX 15+) - The barbarian returns d4 slashing damage when hit in melee for the duration of the Rage.
  • Controlled Rage (WIS 13+) - The -2 AC penalty for Rage does not apply. The barbarian's weapon deals +2d6 damage on critical hits while the Rage lasts.