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A Blackguard epitomizes evil. They are nothing short of a mortal fiend, a black knight with the foulest sort of reputation. Many refer to Blackguards as anti-paladins due to their completely corrupted nature. No one class makes the best Blackguard, all that is required is a willingness to serve the forces of hell.




1  -  Dirty Fighting, Apply Poison
2  -  Smite Good, Foul Touch
3  -  Dark Blessing, Evil Presence
4  -  Low Blow I, Souldrinker
5  -  Summon Fiend


  • Dirty Fighting - This combat mode can be activated to deal +1d4 damage on attacks, at the cost of making only one attack per round.
  • Apply Poison - The Blackguard can apply poisons safely.
  • Smite Good - 3x/day, the Blackguard makes an attack with a bonus to AB equal to their CHA modifier and a bonus to damage equal to their Blackguard level, if the victim is of Good alignment.
  • Foul Touch - WIS times/day, make a melee touch attack. If successful, the target suffers 2d8 Negative damage and must save vs Disease.
  • Dark Blessing - The Blackguard gains a saving throw bonus or penalty equal to their CHA modifier.
  • Evil Presence - Once/day, the character can activate a large aura for 3 turns per level of Blackguard. Evil creatures inside the area gain +2 AB, whilst Good creatures suffer -2 AB.
  • Low Blow - This ability is similar to the Rogue's Sneak Attack ability.
  • Souldrinker - Once/day for 15 turns, the Blackguard's weapon gains Vampiric Regeneration 2.
  • Summon Fiend - Once/day, the Blackguard can summon a devil to do their bidding.