Below is just some of the changes away from normal NWN mechanics.


There is no longer an XP reward for mindless slaughter.

There is also a time sensitive XP cap. For the first month of play, it maxes out at 3,000 (meaning you can hit level 3, but not advance any faster than that).

Things that do award XP

  1. Exploration. Every time you find a new area, there's a small XP bonus.
  2. Overcoming Challanges. Reaching certain points within dungeons, nets good amounts of XP to each person in the party. This bonus slowly refills with time.


There are a few tricks to travel here

  • @leader. At level 1, a character may at any time teleport to their party leader, this goes away at level 2 to avoid abuse.
  • Spawn Locations. Every server reset, there are three locations you may spawn. Sarshel, Kings road (south of outentown), or an @home spot set when your PC was there previously.
  • Milestones. Major roads (currently just between Sarshel and Outentown) there are milestones, which when activated causes the PC to walk along a safe set of waypoints to the next town.
  • Rope. There are occasional points where a PC may take a shortcut, via tying a rope (or jumping, but rope is cheaper than HP).
  • Caravans. There are a few routes around which PCs may pay for the use of. Known ones include:
    • Vlasta to Sarshel, 30 coppers. Visit "Gojoko Orlov, Traveling Merchant" on the main street of Vlasta.
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