The module offers the following features


Changes to skills, feats, spells and classes, such as:

  • Scroll/Potion/wand crafting uses components, creates more powerful versions for higher levels and can turn a profit if sold
  • All classes except druids can hold and use all weapons (at an ab penalty if they're not proficient)
  • Casters gain more spell slots but many spells have shortened durations
  • Clerics lose their heavy armour but have more domains to choose from
  • Druids have more wildshape options
  • Summon Creature uses themes
  • Bards learn an extra Bard Song each level
  • Rogues can craft poisons
  • Rangers can choose between dual-wielding and archery, they also get tracking
  • Paladins get Detect Evil (which is not 100% reliable)
  • Wizards can research spells as an alternative to buying scrolls
  • Detect Magic cantrips provide extra information to casters
  • And much more


  • Ranged weapons are less effective: Sneak Attack damage is halved and ammunition is more expensive
  • Mauls, Light and Heavy Picks and one-handed Spears have been included
  • Custom healing kits separate the Cure and Heal abilities, reducing the latter to Healing over Time
  • Custom potions with a wide range of effects
  • Custom treasure, loot and pickpocket tables
  • Both randomly generated and manually designed magical items
  • Coin-based system to replace NWN's GP
  • Some items are perishable, disappearing over time
  • Some items are cursed, having unadvertised effects or being unremovable without magical help
  • Some items have properties which change depending on the wielder
  • Alcoholic drinks no longer have the INT reduction effect
  • Custom starting gear
  • Custom tailoring system
  • Persistent storage is available
  • Trash cans are available. Discarded items can be rescued if minds change quickly enough.
  • Merchant prices are influenced by PC reputation as wealthy or poor
  • Names and descriptions of items can be changed
  • Writable items like books and scrolls have support for user-friendly name/description changes


  • Custom spawning system with more intelligent monsters
  • Some creatures can alert others
  • Some creatures suffer morale failure
  • Traps and locks can be randomized or respawn
  • Objects and passages can be hidden
  • Traps can be recovered as kits or as components
  • Doors and chests can creak, alerting monsters
  • Different characters may get different area descriptions
  • Multi-area dungeons respawn as a cluster
  • Monsters don't grant XP
  • Exploration and advancing through a dungeon do grant XP


  • No XP lost on death
  • Death decreases XP gain and may reduce an attribute
  • Permadeath if an attribute is reduced below 3 due to successive deaths
  • NPC priests offer spells to restore attribute loss due to death, amongst others
  • Priests who share your character's deity offer a discount
  • Dead PCs remain active as ghosts, but ghosts which die have XP gain suppressed for longer
  • Dead PCs leave a body which can be transported, revived or buried
  • Grave stones can be inscribed and persist over resets
  • PCs can respawn once/x days when travelling with a group or a set number of times at level 1
  • Characters (alive or dead) can be deleted at will
  • Characters have XP caps which automatically raise over time


  • Resting is (mostly) limited to assigned locations
  • Inns offer full recovery of spells and HP
  • The Wilderness and Dungeons offer spell and HP recovery based on comfort (tent, food etc.)
  • Specialty wizards must memorize a spell of their school each spell level or lose that bonus slot for the day
  • Ambushes can happen in the wilderness and particularly in dungeons
  • After resting the PC must wait 60 minutes to rest again
  • Interrupted rests can be resumed once before the PC must wait
  • Inns offer a choice between a single rest and hogging a room all day
  • Inn room doors open from the inside even without keys


  • Overview of PCs who recently logged in
  • Custom language system
  • Custom horse system with armour and saddlebags
  • Automatic travelling system between settlements to free hands for chatting on the move
  • Special terrain (dense growth, ice patches etc.) can help or hinder PCs
  • A tax system allows purchase of in-game rights
  • The Crafting Menu offers additional character options such as an ability to define attributes in more detail
  • Many chat-activated commands to support DMs and players
  • Such as the ability to make dice rolls or lower skills/attributes/saves on purpose
  • The ability to follow other PCs
  • The ability to change your character description
  • And many others