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While not mandatory, at least skimming the local lore is highly encouraged. While the server takes place in the Forgotten Realms, it is not the high magic forgotten realms of vanilla-NWN, nor quite what is seen in any book. It is in fact an artistic rendering of one sliver of the world, optimized for the limits of the game engine.

Key Readings

Also you will need the server files installed

Server Connection IP:

First LoginEdit

Character creation should offer few suprises. But a few tips...

  1. Odd numbers in ability points are actually encouraged here (death potentially can costs an ability point, thus for consistent power it's useful to have one to spare)
  2. Some skills have been combined, whereas lore has been expanded into areas of specialty. A PC asked to roll one skill, may request a related one (not assured) instead, such as a PC who cannot live off the land (no survival skill), but knows geography (Lore: Geography) is unlikely to ever get lost for long enough to starve to death in the woods.
  3. Being of the same religion as the NPC healer, offers a small discount, and cannot be changed easily. So choose wisely (members of The Triad are a safe bet).
  4. Subraces are fine (except Aquatic, Underdark, or otherworldly), but are RP only, not granting any altered mechanics (much like ethnicities).

Once your character is created, there is a small welcome area, with free (at first login) tailors, and a store with extra cheap and sometimes rare items (ranged ammo will never be plentiful or cheap again).


Your level 1 PC gets many aids, but they switfy disappare once you reach 1000xp.


  1. There is no combat XP for kills. Instead reach checkpoints within dungeons.
  2. Don't be afraid to PM random players, to coordinate chance meetings.
  3. Have fun!
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