Ir palema
With the dominant Triadic faith and paladins in high positions, Impiltur is not a friendly nation to necromancers. Those who really want to master the deathless arts do so at great peril.

The Pale Master combines arcane powers with a macabre fascination for bones and skeletons. If disturbing the dead is not affront enough, they perform sinister surgeries upon the innocent to turn themselves into the perfect union of life and undeath. Sorcerers and even Bards can become Pale Masters, but Wizards are ever most keen to delve into forbidden lore.




1  -  Summon Skeleton
2  -  Bone Skin
3  -  Deathless Vigour
4  -  Create Minion
5  -  Undead Graft
6  -  Organ Relocation


  • Summon Skeleton - The Pale Master animates a skeleton up to twice per day.
  • Bone Skin - The Pale Master gains a +3 bonus to Natural AC.
  • Deathless Vigour - Starting at this level, the Pale Master hit die increases to d6+3.
  • Create Minion - The Pale Master can create a Skeletal Warrior once per day.
  • Undead Graft - The Pale Master can make a Touch Attack causing Paralysis twice per day.
  • Organ Relocation - The Pale Master becomes immune to Sneak Attacks.