Listed below are all the spells available to Rangers. New and changed spells summarize their effects or alterations.

Level 1Edit

  • Camouflage: +5 stealth skill
  • Entangle:
  • Goodberries: Creates 1d3+1 berries healing 1 hp each, lasting 2 hours
  • Grease:
  • Lesser Vigour: Regenerate 1 hp/round for 5 rounds + 1 per level (max 5)
  • Longstrider: Increases movement speed by 15% for 2 turns per level
  • Magic fang: Targets either a wildshaping druid or animal companion
  • Resist elements:
  • Summon creature I : Summoners can choose a theme. Duration of turns/level.
  • Ultravision:

Level 2Edit

  • Bull's strength: Turns/level duration
  • Cat's grace: Turns/level duration
  • Endurance: Turns/level duration
  • Hold animal: The spell has a tiny AoE
  • One with the land: Now grants +4 Animal Empathy, Stealth, Set Trap and Survival
  • Protection from elements : Turns/level duration
  • Sleep: Creatures get +2 to save vs Sleep. If cast on a single creature, no HD maximum applies
  • Summon creature II: Summoners can choose a theme. Duration of turns/level.

New SpellsEdit

  • Goodberries: A Berry item is created, carrying 1d3+1 charges. Each use heals 1 hp. After 2 hours the berries become useless and are removed.
  • Lesser Vigour: The target of this spell regenerates 1 hp/round for a period of 5 rounds + 1 round/level (up to 5). Multiple castings are not cumulative, but they can be combined with other sources of Regeneration. Non-living creatures are not affected.
  • Longstrider: The caster's movement speed is increased by 15% for a duration of 2 turns/level