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Shadowdancers operate in the border between light and darkness. These nimble artists of deception are never completely trusted but always induce wonder when met. Many use their abilities to infiltrate past defenses and dupe others. Rogues and bards are the most common shadowdancers.




1  -  Darkvision, Shadow Strike
2  -  Uncanny Dodge I, Stealthy
3  -  Concealment I, Cloak of Shadows
4  -  Sever Shadow, Improved Evasion
5  -  Shadow Jaunt, Uncanny Dodge II
6  -  Concealment II


  • Darkvision - Allows sight in the (near) absence of any light.
  • Shadow Strike - DEX times/day, the Shadowdancer teleports behind a hostile creature and makes a melee attack before returning to their point of origin. During the attack, they gain DR 20/+3. For 2 rounds after the attack, they suffer dramatic AC penalties.
  • Uncanny Dodge - The Shadowdancer retains his dexterity bonus to AC, even if caught flat-footed or attacked by a hidden or invisible creature. A second rank grants a a +1 bonus on reflex saving throws made to avoid traps.
  • Concealment - The Shadowdancer gains a permanent 10% Concealment against all attacks. At level 6, this increases to 20%.
  • Cloak of Shadows - 3x/day, the Shadowdancer gains +2 AC and 35% Concealment for 1 turn. At level 6, this increases to +3 AC and 50% Concealment.
  • Stealthy - This feat adds a +2 bonus to Stealth.
  • Sever Shadow - Once per day, the Shadowdancer can summon a Shadow to fight at their side.
  • Improved Evasion - Whenever the Shadowdancer fails a Reflex save vs half damage, they take only half damage.
  • Shadow Jaunt - 2x/day, the Shadowdancer can become Invisibile as per the spell.