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The Easting Reach is an NWN gaming module. Its forum can be found here.

The module offers a persistent world multiplayer role playing experience set in the Forgotten Realms kingdom of Impiltur. It distinguishes itself with stunning areas, clever dungeons and untraditional methods. For a list of features, please click on.


The module's level range runs from 1 to 8. Character classes, skills, feats and spells have undergone changes, and Prestige Classes too have been overhauled and added to. Whether to fix what was broken, in the name of balance or for the sake of fun, little remains untouched.

An example is the removal of the Discipline skill and the reimagining of its associated feats. Characters can activate a single Special Move during each round of combat instead.

A major change for casters is that many spells suffer from shortened durations. But with more spell slots than ever, magic has never been so dangerous. Races have remained largely the same.

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